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Engagement Shoot Top Tips

An engagement shoot may sound kind of intimidating, right? After all around 90% of your photos together are probably selfies and if you are anything like me and my boyfriend - I can't hold the phone up high enough to fit his whole head in shot. And as much as we love these half headed photos... it's also lovely to have something that shows just the two of you at this exciting time in your relationship.

So lets start by saying that on your engagement shoot - your head will be in shot... I promise. And you'll also look like you - the best version of you whose madly in love right now. Life isn't a rom com but how about we make it look like one just for an afternoon... or at least have some fun banishing any pre - wedding photography nerves.

Woo! On with my TOP TIPS!

Go on a date.

It's the day of the shoot, you are understandably a little nervous about the whole thing. So here's what I want you to do: make a date of it. During wedding planning it's easy to get completely overwhelmed and you suddenly find that you don't get to spend any time together. The wedding is somehow consuming your every waking moment. So, take this time and start your day together - go grab a drink and some lunch. Have a catch up about how you are both feeling. The photos we will take on this shoot shouldn't be just a part of your wedding to do list. This shoot is about making memories.

Some of the best engagement shoots have been an adventure - climbing over rocks on the beach, losing all your 2ps in the seaside arcade, exploring the city and stopping off for a coffee down some cute lanes. So my number one tip is to be big kids again and lets have some fun. After all getting married isn't about looking a certain way, it's a feeling. And I want these photos to capture that feeling. Your photos will show it if you've spent some time together catching up on a date just like you used to do.

Make it meaningful.

When we book in your shoot it's time to start thinking of a location. I often leave this up to you guys as I want you to choose the look of these photos but here's a few ideas to get you thinking...

Lets go and visit the spot where you got engaged or a place that you went on your first date. Perhaps it's somewhere you just love to go at a certain time of year or you are both madly obsessed with the ice cream from this one particular place. Let's go get some.

Is there an activity you both like to do together? Bike rides or a dog walk? Pack a picnic and we'll go find a beautiful view and watch the sunset. The possibilities are endless and I want wherever you choose to have a connection for you.


Public displays of affection might sound like "Ewwwww omg no". But let's dive right in - this shoot is about LOVE. So yes there will be hand holding, kissing and generally I want you guys to be completely silly in love with each other. Remember your first date? Or the way you felt when you got engaged. You love and adore this person so much you want to marry them - don't lose that feeling by being self conscious. The best images are when you are being completely yourselves and I will help bring your personalities out in these photos.


Easier said than done but here's pretty much what will go down on the shoot just so ya know in advance and don't think this is gonna be mega awks. We'll hang out and have a catch up and as we go I'll pick some cool spots. I'll direct you a bit and give you a few prompts like to look at each other, walk, dance - movement is a fab way of getting you to stop worrying that your face is doing weird things. After a while you'll hopefully be thinking of some cool ideas yourselves and away we go. We'll have spent around an hour exploring and I'll know what works best for you and you will feel like I'm no longer a stranger with a camera.

Please take a look around the Engagements Gallery for some more ideas and to book just get in touch!