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Q&A with Bride to Be - Maria

When two of my longtime close friends Aaron & Maria got engaged last year I was soooo excited for them (so excited that when they told me I screamed and attempted to deafen their gorgeous baby boy - sorry Dani!) But honestly - two of my fave people in this world are getting married and extra bonus is I get to photograph this awesome moment in their lives. They are the reason I met Adam and they are a huge inspiration to us both on how to be best friends in a relationship.

Maria and I have always talked about what we'd both want one day from a wedding and it's so much fun now seeing it all come together for her and Aaron. In my job I don't ever hear too much about the actual planning of the wedding but I'm always in awe of how much work goes into getting your day together. I have the privilege of showing up and photographing all the amazing ideas you've executed but I'm intrigued as to where you even get started on planning an event like this. Maria's answered some of my questions below (thanks girl!)

How many months til your Wedding and how long have you been planning for?

So we have little over 5 months until the wedding and started planning at the end of December when we booked the venue for our ceremony.

Describe your wedding style/ vision?

Our style is simple and informal - we want the day to flow naturally and it to be a celebration of us rather than the more traditional idea of a wedding. In terms of style we want it to look seasonal - summer flowers with touches of glass and gold decorations. We also want it to be varied to look at and if possible a bit of an extension of our home.

How have you found planning so far and what has surprised you most?

Planning has been exciting! We've done a lot of Pinterest research (like all brides right?!) and we've been very vocal with each other about things we like and don't like and that's helped massively. We are aware that we don't have too long to pull this wedding together so we've been quite assertive about different aspects of the day and just gone ahead and booked whom we thought suited us. A surprise of planning was definitely how expensive things can be. The moment the word wedding is mentioned everything gets a bit more costly. A pleasant surprise has been finding out how much there really is out there in terms of options and ideas. We are a little alternative and didn't want a standard wedding so we thought it would be hard to find suppliers but it's been amazing how much is possible and how it's so achievable to do your day your way!

What are you most looking forward to about the day?

The ceremony - it's going to be very small and personal and I think the idea of such a tiny room with our closest people sharing our moment just sounds incredible. Also: CONFETTI! I'm literally obsessed with the idea of confetti.

What tips have you found the most helpful when planning your wedding day?

Stick to your guns and make the day about you. Sure you probably end up having a day slightly different to what you first envisaged; but make sure the day is about you both. If you want a sweetheart table at your reception then have it! If you don't want to wear a bridal gown, don't! Also if you don't want the standard wedding then join the Rock and Roll Bride group on Facebook. It's full of lovely brides and grooms and you can get some great ideas!

What do you share that you want to incorporate into your day?

Ice cream! We are both lovers of ice cream and having an August wedding means we can spoil ourselves and get the cute ice cream van we wanted (shoutout to the amazing Ice Baby!) We also have so many in jokes between us and we want to incorporate that into our ceremony and speeches.

What wedding "traditions" are you throwing out?

I will not be given away and instead I'm walking myself down the aisle as I keep saying in a very Beyonce way "I'm an independent woman". We are not having a bridal party either and we decided this together very early on. We've also agreed that we want our wedding breakfast to be more like a feast so the tables will be long so everyone can be seated together and us two have our own little sweetheart table.

Photos taken on Mundesley Beach, Norfolk