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UK wedding photographer

norfolk based but

loves to travel

relaxed and fun wedding photography


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You are getting married because you believe in love.

Because despite all the cliches and catchy songs you have met "the one".

The person you want to spend a lifetime with.

You are partners in crime, best friends, annoy each other stupid, laugh your head off,

argue over silly things, spend Sunday mornings wishing they'd make you a cup of tea.

You find it hilarious that they will be your husband or your wife soon. 

You secretly can't get enough of saying it.

You simply can't wait to marry them.

You both know, even in the rush of every day life that it is better with each other.

and so...

awesome! where do we begin?

You want your Wedding Photography to tell your story.

Everything from how you got to where you are,

The magic of the present - the dress, the suit, the vows, the kissing,

to the promises of what the future will hold.

You want somebody to capture the unique details that you have put into your day,

To freeze frame the emotions forever.

You want your images to be natural, relaxed, artistic, adventurous and unique.

You want to feel like yourself living it up at a huge party, overwhelmed by all the love.

sound good?

what do we do now?




Plan a load of awesome stuff thats totally and completely YOU and your relationship. Attempt to avoid all strange traditions and family opinions (we all know they mean well). Think about how your day is gonna look and how you want to feel.

And thats where I come in...

Get in touch with all the details and I'll check my calendar. We'll arrange a meeting or I can send you my super cool 'Welcome pack' full of everything you need to know and a booking form. I take a 25% deposit when you book and then the fun begins!

Now we can book your free engagement shoot. Yep that's right... FREE.

I bloody LOVE meeting you guys before the big day and taking some fun shots for you. But more on that later...

On to the Wedding day! WOO! 

My approach

Being photographed for a whole day is kind of intimidating right?

So I know from the start that choosing someone to point a camera at you on your wedding day isn't easy.

But here's the deal... I want you to love the style of images I can create for you and I want you to trust me. *I've got this.*

 I'd love you to treat me like a friend and let down your guard so that I can take some genuine photos of your love, your family and your friends.

I love working with couples that are fun, creative and above all not afraid to do their own thing. Weddings can be overwhelming but at the heart of it all it's about YOU BOTH. This isn't the start of your love story but it's a damn good chapter that you'll want to look back over as you grow old together. 

So on the day I much prefer to direct you when necessary rather than "pose" you. Nothing old fashioned and stuffy here. You've got to look like YOU.


I will work to pick the best natural light for your shots and organise the timings of photos as well as generally run around capturing the little, funny and heartfelt moments that make up your day.  

So, if you want to get your dress or suit a little bit dirty from an adventure in a field or the seaside and not be afraid to capture some kick ass images then I'm your gal!

All my years of weddings have taught me that the day is about being loved for who you are, not about perfection. Let's make images that scream OMFG WE GOT MARRIED. Embrace the day and each other and forget the rest.

"Thank you SO MUCH for the absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos. They are so gorgeous and show exactly how brilliant and joyful our wedding day was - I have no idea how we are going to choose which ones to frame because I literally want to frame them all! You are so awesome, you were brilliant throughout the whole process and thank you for capturing our day so perfectly. Can't wait to share them with the world. You're the best!" 


Much love, Laura & Chris xx

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