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GDPR Privacy policy

Privacy Policy – GDPR Compliant


Your personal data


When you first get in touch with me, it’s usually via the contact form on my website, via email, or mobile phone. I collect your names, wedding date and venue and upon signing my booking contract I also collect your telephone numbers, email addresses and home address.

All of this information is necessary to perform my job. Your data will be stored as detailed below.


Collection and storage of your personal data


The initial contact form is on my website and contacts me directly at my business Gmail address. My email is only accessible via my secure password which only I have access to. All email communication from me is via this Gmail address and Google is a GDPR compliant company.


If you make an initial enquiry with me and don’t go ahead with booking me I will follow up with one email and then proceed to delete you from my system so that your data is no longer stored.


My website has a blog which is open to the public to comment on, if you make a comment, you can choose what personal data is shown. You can also choose to delete the comment.


Payments to me are 99% of the time made as an online bank transfer using debit/credit cards. Payments via bank transfer will show in my business bank account in the normal way - ie I don’t see your payment details, only the amount, names and/or the reference you choose to show. On the rare occasion I receive a cheque, this will be deposited in the normal way. You will receive a receipt for all payments emailed to you personally.


My booking form is a paper document posted or emailed to you and is signed by both parties getting married. A copy of this document is stored in a folder pertaining to your wedding year in my personal home office. This copy is used for reference to keep track of your booking and information and is only seen by myself.


Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

You have the right to confirmation, access, rectification and erasure of all the above data that I hold on you. For example, if you wish to see the initial contact form you submitted and check it for accuracy, or perhaps following your wedding and all our business (eg. delivery of wedding albums) you’d like to have your details completely removed, then you have that right.


Use of your data

I will use the above mentioned data to communicate with you about your wedding. Your data is never shared with anyone else. On the occasion that you have booked a second photographer via myself to attend the wedding we will share an itinerary of the day and any emergency contact details. This is in paper and email form and is kept by myself in your client folder following the event.


Sometimes I am asked to submit my work to a wedding magazine, blog or photography related website. If on these occasions your wedding is chosen to represent my work, your permission will be sought to use your photographs and a story of your day. Most often they will contact you directly and you can choose what data is shared. Those companies will have their own privacy policy which you can request from them.



As photography is my work you can expect me to ‘collect’ photographs on your engagement shoot and wedding day. These photographs are stored on memory cards during the day and are backed up unedited on two password-encrypted disk drives. I typically store your original engagement and wedding photographs for 1-2 years before removing them. Your finished wedding photographs are stored on two further back up disks and these are kept by myself for 5 years+ incase you ever lose your wedding memory stick and require a second copy. Your edited and finished photographs will also be stored on an online gallery provider called Pixieset and protected by a password and pin which you are given when you receive the link via email. You can choose who has access to your gallery. Occasionally suppliers from your wedding, for example your florist, venue or hair stylist asks for photographs, for their own use, in this instance they are given access to the online gallery. They firstly have to receive permission from yourself and thereafter you have to refer to their own privacy policy as to how they handle the photographs once in their hands.


In order to run my business I share photographs online, predominantly on Instagram, Facebook, my own website and my blog. I also use photographs on my business cards and brochures which are given to clients once they book me or used at any wedding fairs I exhibit at.


I often share weddings I shot many years ago, so if you have had a wedding shot by me in the past and no longer want me to share them for any reason, you can simply get in touch to withdraw your permission. When signing my contract you will be agreeing to opt-in to all of this. However, if you want to withdraw your consent to this you can simply do so via email, this email will be stored and adhered to. It is perfectly reasonable to want to keep your wedding photographs private.

If you would like to ask any questions about any aspect of my privacy policy or the data I store on you then please email me at graceandtheheart@gmail.com